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What is PVC?
Posted 11 months ago
Plastics are also called synthetic resins and are broadly classified into two categories: thermosetting resins and thermoplastic resins. The thermosetting resins include phenolic resin and melamine resin, which are thermal
What is Polyurethane?
Posted 11 months ago
Polyurethane is a resilient, flexible and durable manufactured material that can take the place of paint, cotton, rubber, metal or wood in thousands of applications across virtually all fields. It can be hard like fiberglass,
The eye-catching gift boxes from Graceful rhythm on the wedding Expo
Posted 2 years ago

On the 28th.june 2013,the 2013 China (summer) Wedding Expo is hold in Beijing, lasting for 3 days. About 3000 top-brand luxurious company abroad and domestic as well as 500 thousand wedding new pr

"Graceful Rhythm"brand shining in the Exhibitions
Posted 4 years ago

The exhibition, One of the most important marketing strategy that  brand return domestic market.From Germany in February, the British exhibition to the March Hongkong jewellery, we achieved good re

The project of U8 started-up meeting was held successfully
Posted 4 years ago

   In April 17, 2013 at 11:00 am, the project of U8 started-up meeting was held in the meeting room. The ERP project team members include: financial group, supply chain and production group. Then the responsible

New brand of Graceful Rhythm in The Hong Kong Intenational Jewellery Show 2013
Posted 4 years ago

     From 5 to 9 March, as one of the worlds best known jewellery trade and marketing events, the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, which opened at the Hong Kong Convention and

Achievement in NEC Birmingham and Ambiente 2013
Posted 4 years ago

    15 Feb,2013, Ambiente 2013, the biggest consumer goods exhibition, were holding in Messe Frankfurt Center. Our sales team moved to there with no stop when the NEC Birmingham just end u

Graceful Rhythm attend the sisty-fifth Bermingham International Spring Fair have a great success
Posted 4 years ago

    From February 3 to 7, The high-profile sixty-fifth British Bermingham International Spring Fair was held in the NEC Exhibition Center  the scale of the exhibition was so large ,wi

Honor of Quality Brand Advanced Unit
Posted 4 years ago
In Jan 23,2013, The Brand Strategy and Quality DevelopmentForum was held and undertaken by Zhongshan Science and Technology Association & Zhongshan Enterprise Brand Promotion Association in Zhongshan Shang
Graceful Rhythms Dream of 20134
Posted 2 years ago
GRs 2012 end party and celebration
Time flies, the new years coming. In Jan 27th 2013, every member of GR gathers together for the celebration of yea
Silk banner and thanks from Qin
Posted 5 years ago
Dec.24, Qins couple came back with a silk banner and thanks for companys help and care. The assistant of general manager who represents the whole company, accepted the gratitude when he saw Qin has been better.
Love in the cold winter-Graceful Rhythm's donation
Posted 5 years ago
In Novamber 29, 8000RMB which collected from Graceful Rhythm worders,were sent to Qin Shaosheng,who was so thankful at that moment.
Since his entry in 2009, Qin Shaosheng has been worki
Graceful Rhythm shine 2012 Shenzhen International
Posted 5 years ago
From October 22 to 25, 2012, the twentieth China International Gifts & Premium Fair in Shenzhen International Exhibition Center was held ceremoniously. With the exhibition
Graceful Rhythm Industrial Co,. Ltd participated i
Posted 5 years ago
Graceful Rhythm Industrial Co,. Ltd participated in the 2012 Hongkong autumn Gifts & Premium Fair
From October 20-23, 2012, Graceful Rhythm participate the 2012 Hongkong autumn Gifts & Prem
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